Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In the beginning...

Yet another game development blog begins! So, who am I and what will this site be about? My name is Max Szlagor and I'm a game developer. More specifically, I was most recently employed as an engineer at Nintendo Software Technology Corporation.

I worked on several games there, including The Legend of Zelda collections for the Nintendo GameCube, Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Gameboy Advance, and Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS. I've recently left Nintendo to sort out where to go next in my career.

Prior to working at Nintendo I made games at Digipen Institute of Technology where I received my B.S. in Real-Time Interactive Simulation. That's a fancy title for a Bachelor's in game programming.

I hope to make this blog a lens into the process of making games as well as provide commentary on games and things happening in the industry. More to come soon...

Disclaimer on
I guess I should put a disclaimer here - the opinions on this blog represent my opinions only and do not reflect those of any employers past or present. Also, if you have any questions about Nintendo, please direct them to Nintendo itself through their normal email channels.
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