Monday, August 18, 2008

The summer update

As with all things in life, change is inevitable. Now that my work on Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon has wrapped up, I have moved on to Sony Online Entertainment Seattle, where I am working on systems and content for The Agency as a Senior Game Designer. While I can't say much about the game, I can say I am excited to be working on such a unique and interesting project. There is preview coverage from e3 over at GameZone and I expect upcoming coverage from the Sony Fan Faire to hopefully come out soon. The two main things that excite me about The Agency is that it is original IP and most people are fairly intrigued by the premise of the game. I feel a lot of good momentum going forward and hope that the team can deliver on all the things people are looking forward to.

In Destroy All Humans! news, IGN now features a developer blog written by Creative Director Jon Knoles that outlines some of the decisions that went behind the weapons, destruction, and conversation system. I did a lot of tuning on the weapons and upgrade system. It was fun trying to balance the AI, alert system, and bosses against what almost always seems like an overpowered (on purpose) set of player abilities and weapons without making the game too hard. A detailed description of the weapons can be found in one of these IGN blog entries.

As a follow up to one of my earlier posts, this summer has definitely defied my long held sense of summer drought. Metal Gear Solid 4 kicked things off nicely and the 5 weeks of Xbox Live Arcade is keeping me busy these days as I try and climb the leaderboards on Geometry Wars 2, finish off the achievements in Braid, and try to squeeze in time for Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Galaga Legions, and Castle Crashers. I've also found myself absorbed in Olympic fever, and consequently took up Beijing 2008 on Xbox 360. It's been a great summer so far and the holiday flood is going to flare up in September.

As per every belated blog post, I'll make an effort to increase the update frequency here. There are a number of things on my mind these days that I'd like to share.