Saturday, April 26, 2008

Destroying All Humans in the Press

For most of the game development process, a lot of what we work on is kept under wraps. Consequently, it's refreshing when you get a chance to show your work and get feedback from fellow gamers. THQ held a Gamer's Day earlier in the month where Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon was demonstrated by fellow designers Jon Knoles and Matt Cox. While industry veterans believe that previews tend to skew positive for various reasons, it was exciting to hear that people also had a blast playing the game during the event.

Preview articles and media from Gamer's Day can be found at Gamespot, IGN, Gamespy, TeamXBox, and WorthPlaying. Path of the Furon was also mentioned on the EGM Live podcast of April 7th, 2008. As a fan of the 1UP podcasts, this was a particularly exciting place to be mentioned. Additionally, to coincide with the event, a snazzy new trailer can also be found at GameTrailers.

Finally, the Sandblast Games website went live recently. There are unique trailers and screenshots available on the website as well as images from our studio and a biography of the company. It's great to have a company home on the internet and a lot of people worked hard to make the website both user friendly and slick.

All of these recent announcements and updates make the finish line feel more real than ever. Final polish is being done and the severity of issues is declining at a rapid rate. I hope to see more news and impressions in the near future and look forward to sharing the final vision to the rest of the world.