Friday, February 19, 2010

Still alive, collecting thoughts

Ahh..the beginning of a new year.  I had a number of blog topics lined up for the remainder of 2009, but, with a young child at home, I find time to be in short supply these days.  I came out slightly ahead in post counts for 2009 compared to 2008, but nowhere near the amount of posts I would like to make, and nowhere near enough to keep anyone looking for new content coming back.  Other goals I had set for 2009 didn't pan out either: I submitted a talk for GDC that did not get selected, I partially finished a couple of books on game design, and my completed game count didn't quite total up to where I wanted it be.  One the upside, I know for a fact that I finished and played more games in 2009 than in most years prior.

With all that in the past, it is time once again to set some new goals.  I will once again increase the frequency of my writing, but I don't think it necessarily makes sense for all of it to take place on the blog.  I have another idea cooking up that would probably make more sense as a format for the type of work I want to produce.  Speaking somewhere this year about game design, even if only locally, is also on the agenda.  I also plan to plug myself into at least one new game development community in order to increase the dialog I have with other developers.  Furthermore, I want to produce more of my own personal, original work this year, in the form of game levels or small games.  The Experimental Gameplay Workshop and Gamma 4 will be my starting points.  On the game playing front, I want to diversify.  While I would like to finish at least as many or more games in 2010 than 2009, I also want to try out more indie and experimental games.

In order to achieve these goals, I will set some milestones throughout the year to record how I'm doing.  While all of this sounds a bit like a mundane laundry list of personal objectives, I believe in the power of writing things down in order to enhance accountability.  That goes double for goals put out into a public forum.  2009 was an excellent year overall, both personally and professionally, but I'm thinking 2010 will be even better.  And I'm excited about meeting these goals.  Do any other developers out there come up with these kinds of lists at the beginning of the year?